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Pareto Security Product Hunt launch

Published: 2021/10/03 Last updated: 2021/11/02 By: Dejan Murko
Pareto Security Product Hunt launch featured image

We launched on PH in the past but mostly with mixed success. We thought the Pareto Security app would be a far better fit than our past projects – and we were right! We launched on Sunday as we wanted to be in the running for the product of the day, which is a lot […]

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Let’s talk about Teams!

Published: 2021/09/14 Last updated: 2022/06/13 By: Neyts Zupan
Let’s talk about Teams! featured image

One of the biggest items on our Roadmap is support for teams. While I have a pretty good idea what itch I want Pareto Security to scratch for me personally, I want to get a better idea of what your priorities are regarding security for (remote) teams. If you can spare a few minutes of […]

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Published: 2021/08/31 Last updated: 2022/06/13 By: Neyts Zupan
Roadmap featured image

I promised I’ll write a bit about what lies ahead for Pareto Security, so here we are. TL;DR: Add a few more checks. Get listed in SetApp. Teams support. Support for other OSes. And that’s about it. Plain and simple. Which was our motto when thinking about pricing too: $15 app with basic checks, for […]

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Hi there!

Published: 2021/08/13 Last updated: 2022/06/13 By: Neyts Zupan
Hi there! featured image

I’m Neyts (rhymes with “mates”) and I’m the founder of Pareto Security. This is our blog — I’ll try to post once or twice per month, writing about our process, progress and what’s coming next. I’ll keep this post short, so I can get back to working on the actual app. If you’re feeling very […]

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