Pareto Dashboard

Monitor all your Macs from one dashboard

Easy view of security settings on all your Mac devices.

Monitor all your Macs from one dashboard

Pareto Dashboard

Easy view of all Mac devices by teams and automated notifications for everyone on the team.

Device Grouping

Split devices into teams or departments for easier management.

Easy Monitoring

Non-invasive monitoring of company devices.

Automated Notifications

Let our system remind your team of things they need to fix.


Web Dashboard

Quick overview of all connected devices and the status of checks.


Simple integration through Slack or Zapier.

Priority for Checks

Set required and recommended checks for clear directions.

Multiple Team Admins

Add multiple team admins to manage departments.

Send device status to your clients

Share device status

Give your clients a peace of mind that you care about security. Send them a unique URL where they can check your devices' security status.

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