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Avoid common security mistakes on your Mac with the help of these simple apps

Pareto Security's Auditor and Updater make sure your Macs are correctly configured and always up-to-date.

Auditor: Avoid common security mistakes on your Mac

Pareto Security Auditor

Auditor is an app that regularly checks your Mac's security configuration. It helps you take care of 20% of security tasks that prevent 80% of problems. See the Security Checks.

Pareto Security helped me to detect 3 security leaks and decided me to enable FileVault. Lightweight, discreet and efficient. Top feature: automatic checks.

Updater: Update apps in bulk with one click

Updater monitors your apps and offers you an easy Update All button to keep everything up-to-date and secure with just one click.

Updater supports updating apps that don't have their own updating mechanism, apps using Sparkle framework, and apps that use Installomator (that can be added on request).

This means Updater is immediately able to update the majority of your installed apps.

Buy in a bundle and save!

Pareto Auditor and Pareto Updater

Buy both Auditor and Updater and save 15%.

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Pareto Security apps are open source

All Pareto Security apps are open source. Feel free to have a look at the code or even download and compile it from our repository.

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