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How To Conduct A Cyber Security Risk Assessment

Published: 2021/10/18 Last updated: 2022/05/25 By: Dejan Murko
How To Conduct A Cyber Security Risk Assessment featured image

No matter how careful you are online, the risk of malware and other cyber threats is always present.  It’s important that you develop a risk assessment process to protect you and your Mac from a potential security incident. When it comes to intrusion detection mechanisms, having a list designed to identify vulnerabilities is the simplest […]

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Pareto Security invited to join Setapp!

Published: 2021/10/13 Last updated: 2022/05/16 By: Dejan Murko
Pareto Security invited to join Setapp! featured image

After our Product Hunt launch, Maria from Setapp contacted us if we’d like to join Setapp as one of their curated apps. We were aware of Setapp and their sister company MacPaw, as they are one of the largest and most successful macOS companies (at least to my knowledge). We were excited by the invite! […]

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Cyber Security Self-Assessment

Published: 2021/10/12 Last updated: 2022/05/16 By: Dejan Murko
Cyber Security Self-Assessment featured image

Protecting your critical data and information from malicious parties is a key responsibility for business owners. Companies need to budget for cybersecurity and have a rigorous framework in place to assess and address their vulnerabilities. Here’s how a cybersecurity self-assessment for businesses works. What is a Cyber Security Self-Assessment? A self-assessment covers your organizational infrastructure, […]

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SwiftLeeds was a blast!

Published: 2021/10/10 Last updated: 2021/11/07 By: Neyts Zupan
SwiftLeeds was a blast! featured image

I can’t believe I’m writing this: I’ve been on an actual in-person conference! It’s been so long since I’ve done it, it definitely felt strange for the first few minutes. Nah, hours. I was literally poking people with my finger to see if they were real. ? Despite all odds, Adam managed to get together […]

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What Is Endpoint Security For Mac?

Published: 2021/10/05 Last updated: 2022/05/16 By: Dejan Murko
What Is Endpoint Security For Mac? featured image

Today, the world revolves around online connectivity. While that brings with it many advantages, it can also expose your device to attacks from outside sources. As such, it’s important to consider the strength of the endpoint security measures on your Mac systems. But what is endpoint security for Mac devices? And what can users do […]

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Pareto Security Product Hunt launch

Published: 2021/10/03 Last updated: 2021/11/02 By: Dejan Murko
Pareto Security Product Hunt launch featured image

We launched on PH in the past but mostly with mixed success. We thought the Pareto Security app would be a far better fit than our past projects – and we were right! We launched on Sunday as we wanted to be in the running for the product of the day, which is a lot […]

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Let’s talk about Teams!

Published: 2021/09/14 Last updated: 2022/06/13 By: Neyts Zupan
Let’s talk about Teams! featured image

One of the biggest items on our Roadmap is support for teams. While I have a pretty good idea what itch I want Pareto Security to scratch for me personally, I want to get a better idea of what your priorities are regarding security for (remote) teams. If you can spare a few minutes of […]

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Published: 2021/08/31 Last updated: 2022/06/13 By: Neyts Zupan
Roadmap featured image

I promised I’ll write a bit about what lies ahead for Pareto Security, so here we are. TL;DR: Add a few more checks. Get listed in SetApp. Teams support. Support for other OSes. And that’s about it. Plain and simple. Which was our motto when thinking about pricing too: $15 app with basic checks, for […]

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Hi there!

Published: 2021/08/13 Last updated: 2022/06/13 By: Neyts Zupan
Hi there! featured image

I’m Neyts (rhymes with “mates”) and I’m the founder of Pareto Security. This is our blog — I’ll try to post once or twice per month, writing about our process, progress and what’s coming next. I’ll keep this post short, so I can get back to working on the actual app. If you’re feeling very […]

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