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Published: 2021/08/31 Last updated: 2022/06/13 By: Neyts Zupan

I promised I’ll write a bit about what lies ahead for Pareto Security, so here we are.


  1. Add a few more checks.
  2. Get listed in SetApp.
  3. Teams support.
  4. Support for other OSes.

And that’s about it. Plain and simple. Which was our motto when thinking about pricing too:

  • $15 app with basic checks, for personal use.
  • $15/device/year app with advanced checks, with a team dashboard.
  • Free open source apps for both. Pre-releases.

More details on pricing:

  • Which plan should I choose?
    If you’re a company, a family office, or a non-profit organization and need to make sure everyone on your team is secured, go with the Teams plan. Otherwise, the go with the Personal plan by purchasing directly from our website, or subscribing to SetApp.
  • Are Personal and Teams apps the same? Yes, they are exactly the same app. The only difference is that with the Teams plan, the app is configured to send information about checks to your Team Dashboard.
  • Why is the price so low? Similar Menu Bar apps can cost up to 5x more than Pareto Security. Why is our app priced so low? In all our other projects, we prefer to have higher prices and fewer customers, for the same financial customer. This project is different though: we want the pricing to be affordable to everyone, so more people get encouraged to adopt good security habits. Same reason why we allow everyone to get a free version directly from our GitHub repository.

Finally, what we definitely will NOT do:

  • Allow you to play big brother on your employees / contractors / team members.
  • Go into enterprise device management.

In other news, we’re pushing out new releases every couple of days, squashing out bugs one by one. Give Pareto Security a try by downloading it from GitHub.

Neyts Zupan

Neyts is the Pareto Security co-founder and Tech Lead.

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