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Published: 2022/09/05 Last updated: 2022/09/07 By: Dejan Murko

Ninite is a Windows software that allows you to bulk install and update programs easily. Until now, there was no easy solution to do that with Macs.

We built Pareto Bulk Install to be very similar to Ninite, with a free version for bulk installing and a paid version, Pareto Updater, for bulk updating. You can buy Pareto Updater for your personal use or as part of our security suite for small businesses.

How to use Pareto Updater, the Ninite for Mac

Go to Bulk Install page and select the apps you’d like to bulk install.

Click the download button at the bottom, which will take you to the next page.

The Pareto Updater will download. Install it and then click the button on the page to bulk install all apps.

All apps are downloaded directly from official sources, and the app does not send data to our servers. Our app is fully open-source, and you can view the code on our public repository.

A suite of essential macOS security apps for your small business

Bulk Install is brought to you by Pareto Security, a suite of essential macOS security apps for your small business.

We offer a non-invasive alternative to corporate MDM and RMM solutions for small businesses that care about security but know it doesn’t have to be invasive for their team members.

Learn more on our homepage.

Dejan Murko

Dejan is the Pareto Security co-founder and Product Lead.

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