Remote Login Is Off


Remote Login allows control of your computer from other devices. This should only be allowed in rare cases and disabled once finished. Learn more on the Apple Support page.

Why you should turn off Remote Login

Generally speaking Remote Login is pretty secure. But security is best done in layers, because, from time to time, even Remote Login might have security vulnerabilities. So it's best to keep it turned off when you're not using it.

Time to fix

<1 minute

How to disable Remote Login

  • Open System Preferences, go to General, then click Sharing.
  • In the list, uncheck Remote Login (and everything else).

How to disable on Monterey and older

  • Open System Preferences, click Sharing.
  • Click the lock icon in the bottom-left, then enter the account password.
  • In the list on the left, uncheck Remote Login.
Remote Login is Off


Remote Login is Off