Not Using Administrator Account


You can use your Mac as a Standard or as an Administrator user.

The check will not pass if the current user is an administrator.

Why you should not use an Administrator account

Administrator accounts have extensive permissions that can make your system more vulnerable. Malware and hackers can exploit these permissions to access system files or install harmful software. A standard account limits these risks as it restricts the ability to install software or make system-wide changes without admin credentials.

There is almost no downside to using a Standard account. You can still install software and make changes to your system, but when macOS asks you for credentials, instead of just typing in the password, you type in the admin username and then the password.

Time to fix

<3 minutes

How to convert your user to Standard user

  • Open System Preferences, then click Users & Groups.
  • Click Add User and create a new Administrator user.
  • Reboot your Mac and login as the newly created Administrator user. No need to setup iCloud or login into any other service.
  • Open System Settings, go to Users & Groups in the sidebar. Find your previous user account, click the "i" icon and toggle off this user to administer this computer.
  • Reboot your Mac and login as the newly demoted Standard user.
  • Any time macOS asks you for a password, remember to first enter the Administrator username.
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