Firewall Is on and Configured


Firewall prevents contact from other computers on the Internet or on your network. Learn more on the Apple Support page.

What if I use other firewalls?

You should have the system firewall enabled because other firewalls cannot support stealth mode. Stealth mode is necessary if you are directly connected to the internet via a hotspot or without a router, for example. Stealth mode prevents your Mac from being discovered by threat actors scanning the internet for devices.

Time to fix

<1 minute

How to enable Firewall and Stealth mode

  • Open System Preferences, click Network, then Firewall.
  • Toggle Turn On Firewall.
  • Click Options..., scroll to the bottom, and toggle Enable stealth mode.

How to enable on Monterey and older

  • Open System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then the tab Firewall.
  • Click the lock icon in the bottom-left, then enter the account password.
  • Click Turn On Firewall.
  • Click Firewall Options... and then Enable stealth mode.
Firewall Firewall


Firewall Firewall