Filevault is on


FileVault encrypts the data on your disk. Learn more on the Apple Support page.

Why you should enable it

In case someone steals your laptop, and your disk is not encrypted, documents, photos, and other files can be easily extracted from the disk.

If you take it to a repair shop they can also easily access all files from other admin users if the disk is not encrypted. It goes without saying that the repair shop should have a separate admin user and not yours.

Time to fix

Depends on disk size but usually a few minutes in the background.

How to fix

  • Open System Preferences, click Security & Privacy, then the tab FileVault.
  • Click the lock icon in the bottom-left, then enter the account password.
  • Click Turn On FileVault.
  • You have two options to save the recovery key: iCloud or create it and save it.
    1. If you're a regular user, we recommend using iCloud (if you have it).
    2. If you create the recovery key, make sure to save it away from the computer, in a safe place and do not lose it. If you forget your administrator password, there is no way to get to your files.