Avoid common security mistakes on your Mac

Pareto Security is an app that regularly checks your Mac's security configuration. It helps you take care of 20% of security tasks that prevent 80% of problems.

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The simplest security is the most important

14 security checks
14 Security Checks

Aimed at regular users, not security geeks.

Zero hassle
Zero Hassle

Running automagically in the background. Snoozable.

Privacy conscious
Transparent & Private

Open-sourced. Runs locally on your device.

How Pareto Security keeps you secure

Mike's story

Mike forgot to enable FileVault disk encryption after OS reinstall, then someone stole his MacBook, and now they have all of his photos, documents, and business files. 😱

Paul needed to turn off Gatekeeper to install an app he found on the Internet, then failed to turn it back on again, and his Mac got infected with malware. 😫

Suzie turned off the Firewall to debug a router, did not remember to turn it back on, and accidentally exposed her local webserver to the entire Starbucks network. 😨

Marie did not set auto-updating of apps and got hacked because she was not running a recent app version with the security patch applied. 😞

James lent his MacBook to mom for a weekend, forgot he enabled automatic login for her convenience, then found his son playing on his company's Slack. 😦

Mia used her MacBook for a presentation, disabled automatic screen locking, forgot to re-enable it, only to find coworkers having fun with her Facebook. 😠

All of the above are easily preventable. The Pareto Security app regularly checks for such security fails and reminds you to take care of them.

For personal use

Ensure your personal Mac devices are secure

Personal Use App

Stand-alone native macOS app with basic security checks for your Mac. A low-cost, one-time purchase for a lifetime license for all your devices.

Purchase on the Pricing page
Personal Use App
Team App
For business use

Verify everyone in your business has secured their Macs

Team App

For Teams: Web dashboard of all devices to see if anyone needs help securing their Mac. Integration with Slack for immediate notifications.

For Enterprises: Set priority for checks and group devices by departments. Easier management with multiple admin users and email and SMS notifications.

Learn more on the Teams page

Why we created Pareto Security

A few months after I bought my new Air, I was checking some settings, and I noticed with horror that FileVault was turned off. When I started thinking of all the travel I did and where I left my Mac, I broke out in cold sweat. I have important company documents on my computer that would be easily accessible if anyone got their hands on it.

So I was telling this story to my coworker, and we were musing at my carelessness. Then I asked him to check his computer with our app, then in just the alpha version. And, lo and behold, his FileVault was also disabled. He couldn't believe it. Same as me, he was 100% sure he had it turned on.

Macs have great security out-of-box. But it's not worth anything if it's not turned on. Pareto app makes sure it is.

Nejc Zupan
Nejc Zupan

Founder of Pareto Security

Security Issues
Open Source

Pareto Security is open source

The app code is fully open-sourced. Feel free to have a look at the code or even download and compile it from our repository.

Visit the repository on GitHub

Pareto is the only security product I would recommend for a single user or a small business. It ensures you always have the best of the built-in security features in Mac.

Lance vd M
Lance van der Molen

Enterprise Architect

We're a startup with 100% remote employees. Both privacy and security are important to my team. I didn't want to install invasive endpoint protection on our systems, but we still need to make sure everyone is following security best practices. Pareto Security is a great solution for our use case!

Reilly Chase
Reilly Chase

Founder of HostiFi

Internet paranoia is a personal hobby, but the on-ramp to better security has never been clear enough to take action. Pareto helped me understand and deploy the 80/20 of security hygiene – and spread the fixes across our team.

Jimmy Hayes
Jimmy Hayes

Founder of Minaal

A menu bar app to keep you safe

No more facepalms when you realize you accidentally left your firewall or disk encryption disabled.